05 June, 2017

Tori meets Minnie Mouse! (and Snow White and giraffes!)

It is our great honor to introduce beautiful Tori to you! Tori was born on July 30, 2014 and was diagnosed with Krabbe disease in January 2015. In her short time, she did more than most do in a lifetime. She marked dozen of fun things off of her Bucket List and visit 15 states!! Sadly Tori left earth for heaven on March 27, 2016.
Sweet little girl 

Thankfully, the Quinn Madeleine Foundation was able to grant Tori a trip to Disney World, which was one of the main things on her Bucket List!

Look at that sweet little Minnie Mouse!!
Minnie is a favorite among sweet little girls-Quinn also got to meet her!

Tori took her 17th (!!!) flight to get to Disney. Tori invited her mom, dad, grandma, Uncle Tony, and Aunt Daun on her trip with her. We made sure they all felt welcomed and had her room all decorated for her.

Tori and her crew entered into Disney World in style-with Tori dressed as Minnie Mouse! They had a fun day planned and met so many characters. Disney was very accommodating with Tori and all her gear and let her skip the lines! She even got to meet Minnie Mouse!! They look so cute together.

On the Brackbill's 2nd day at Disney, they visited Animal Kingdom. They even got to take Tori on a safari and see real giraffes! This was extra special for Tori because she loooves giraffes and has an impressive stuffed giraffe collection.

Have you ever seen more stuffed giraffes?!? Or a cuter sweet little girl?!?

Tori ready for the day in her adorable giraffe outfit

Tori added this cute little guy to her collection

Tori could not end her trip there! First she was Minnie, then a giraffe, but the best was yet to come....Tori was also a princess!!! Tori celebrated her last day at Disney dressed as beautiful Snow White.

Tori almost missed meeting the real Snow White. But thanks to the help of some friends, they were able to dash across Disney World and get there just in time to meet her. Tori and Snow White had so much fun together!

Tori got to meet some other princesses too!

We are so thankful that we were able to grant this magical wish for Tori and her family. She was such a beautiful little girl and we are so sad that she is no longer with us. You can learn more about Krabbe disease and Tori's Bucket List on her mama's blog-The Adventures of the Brackbill Family or on Tori's facebook page here.

To help grant more wishes for terminally ill babies like Tori, you can visit Quinn Madeleine Foundation for more information-www.quinnmadeleine.org


  1. This is wonderful! I've known Tori's Mommy for a long time, and have followed Tori's story closely. I love reading about Tori from The Brackbill's perspective but it was neat to get to see an "outsider's" view too. I use outsider for lack of a better word, because the Quinn Madeleine Foundation is no outsider to this family. Thank you for all you do. I know it meant a lot to my friends.